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Drag & Drop

Create your website with our built-in drag and drop site builder.

You can get your site up and running in a couple of hours. Forget downloads or special software, we have all the tools you need. The site builder comes with a large selection of pre-built templates that you can customize with your own text and images. The site builder is free and it is included when purchasing web hosting.

Choose plan

Select a theme

Choose among more than 170 templates in different categories.

Add your content

Simply add and edit your content and pictures with drag and drop functionality


Make your website visible online with one click.

SitePro Sitebuilder

SitePro is included with each web hosting plan purchase. You can find it in your control panel.

I already have a hosting

No coding

Build a professional-looking website without any web coding knowledge.


Add meta data, custom URLs and analytics code. Mobile optimization for better ranking.

Social media

Make your content shareable with social share and like buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Over 200 templates

Over 200 templates to choose from.


Choose from over 200 templates in different categories like Art, Business, E-commerce, Education, Entertainment, Health, Media, Sport, Technology, and Travel Each template comes with pre-defined images and texts that you can easily replace. Buttons, color schemes and backgrounds can also be changed to fit your site.

Drag & Drop

Simply add and edit your content and pictures by dragging and dropping site elements. You don't need any web coding knowledge.

Drag & Drop

Interactive tutorials

The builder has built-in interactive video tutorials which let you control your learning process. Simply click on the button you would like to know more about and the video clip starts the tutorial there.

Track performance

Review your sites performance with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool.


Insert multiple images in beautiful gallery with 3 different visualizations.


Insert any video from YouTube in seconds, just paste the URL from the video.

Google Maps

Add a map and directions to your address.

Responsive design

Design elements

Simply add and adjust shapes, lines, buttons and menus to your website


Create functional forms with Captcha to protect yourself from spam.


Create “Donate” or “Pay” buttons with custom amount with EasyPay.

One page design

Easily transform any template into a compelling one page landing page design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of pages that I can create?

No, you can create as many pages as you want.

Can I buy SitePro standalone?

You don’t need to buy it, SitePro a free tool included in all our hosting plans. You can also try it and our email-services, 30 days free of charge with our Trial Starter If you are a customer of ours, you can access it from your Account in the section My Services.

What is the difference between SitePro and Weebly?

SitePro is a free tool while Weebly costs 63 kr/month (Starter). Both sitebuilders are intuitive and easy to use and designed for the non-coder. Weebly is more intuitive and has advanced e-commerce tools, so what you are paying for is ease of use and more advanced features. SitePro can take slightly longer to learn but on the other hand it is free and less constricted. If you are unsure we recommend that you try them both, SitePro comes in all hosting packages and you can try Weebly 30 days for free. Other website building options like WordPress are available via our One-click-installer.

Can I build and edit my site via mobile?

Yes, SitePro has a mobile-friendly desktop interface so you can easily build and edit directly from your mobile, but it does not have a mobile app.

Can I add SitePro to my current Svenska Domäner hosting?

You don’t need to add it, it is already included. SitePro is a free sitebuilder that is included in all our hosting packages. You can access it from yourAccount in the section “My Services”.

What support is included?

The sitebuilder has built-in interactive video tutorials which let you control your learning process. Simply click on the button you would like to know more about and the video clip starts the tutorial there. We also have detailed knowledge base articles in both Swedish and English and provide basic configuration support via phone.

Can I make a responsive site?

Yes, there is a wide range of responsive themes and you can tailor the responsiveness through editing the mobile, tablet and desktop view separately. There is also a beta feature that automatically scales your site between screen sizes where you don’t need to separately edit different versions.

Can I try SitePro without hosting or a domain?

Yes, with our Trial Starter you can try both our site builders (SitePro & Weebly) for 30 days, free of charge with a temporary domain. This way you can try building your website and also publish it live under a temporary domain that ends with Trial Starter is a trial of our full hosting package (DNS, website and email). However to try the e-mail tools you will need to register your own domain, this can not be tested with a temporary domain. If you already are a customer of ours’s you can activate Trial in Account.