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Let us take care of everything, from design to development, so you can focus on making an impact.
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From products and services to digital goods, online stores help you easily display, promote, sell, and ship your products.
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Easily create gorgeous content to promote products and wow customers — on your site and social media.
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Your eCommerce evolution awaits

Create an WooCommerce website that adapts with your business at every stage, from starting out to selling internationally.

Quickly set up and launch your
online store

Our intuitive and delightfully simple website plattform you get a stunning online store in minutes. We’ll automatically generate a product listings page for your store, as well as pages for each product, and SEO tools to make them more findable on search engines.

Make sales and manage orders

Connect your online store to Stripe to accept payments and start selling* immediately. Once you start fulfilling orders, order and shipping notification emails make it simple to stay in touch with customers after they buy. At-a-glance website analytics help you understand what’s working and where you can improve so that you make more sales.

Sell more with built-in marketing

Your online store comes with powerful marketing features like digital ads and social posting to help you find a bigger audience and drive traffic. Once visitors land on your site, built-in abandoned cart emails convert shoppers into customers. Then use email and automations to get repeat business and let customers know what’s happening with your business—like when you launch a new product.

Custom e-commerce shop at a fixed cost

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. One time cost. Try any plan free for 30 days.

Shop 5

16 770 kr

For small businesses and startups.
Check icon Home page + Up to 5 subpages
Check icon AI-Driven Content
Check icon Basic SEO
Check icon Custom design for your brand
Check icon Up to 2 revision rounds
Shop 10

22 370 kr

For expanding businesses with diverse content needs.
Check icon Up to 10 core pages
Check icon AI-Driven Content
Check icon Basic SEO
Check icon Custom design for your brand
Check icon Up to 3 revision rounds
Shop 15

27 990 kr

For businesses with diverse content and extensive offerings.
Check icon Up to 15 core pages
Check icon AI-Driven Content
Check icon Basic SEO
Check icon Custom design for your brand
Check icon Up to 3 revision rounds

Frequently asked questions

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friendly support team!

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How long does a website design projekt take?

Most of our web design projects are completed within 4-6 weeks! In some cases due to revisions things can take longer. It can also take longer if it is a larger project with custom requirements. Complicated websites with large e-commerce stores with a lot of variable products can also take longer. Your project manager will work directly with you to set timelines and launch goals. We also take on rush orders, so if you’re in need of a custom website in record time, just let us know.

Which package should I choose?

To choose the right package, you can consider how many pages you want, what features you need and your budget. All packages include a web style guide, AI driven content, and Basic SEO. The main difference between the packages is the number of subpages and revision rounds.

Here are some examples for reference:

If you have a small website with a few pages, such as a contact page, an about us page, and a product page, Shop 5 may be enough.

If you need a website with more pages or more content, or a large product offering Shop 10 or 15 may be a better option.

If you need customized functionality, such as a complex contact form, a calendar, or a complex e-commerce solution you may need to choose Shop 10 or 15.

If you have big plans but a limited budget, Shop 5 can be a great start, a beautiful professional webshop that you can easily build on with time.

If you are unsure which package is right for you, you can always contact us for advice.

How does the revision and feedback process work?

Once we have received your requirements and any materials from you, our team will build your new home page. When the home page is complete, you will be invited to provide feedback. The feedback will focus on text content, visual content, and overall design. Based on your feedback, the design will be adjusted, and when the home page is approved, the rest of the website will be built. Then you will be invited for an additional revision with a focus on small typos, error messages, and small text errors, before the team completes the website.

The feedback process is designed to be as efficient and smooth as possible for you. You will provide feedback directly on your new website using our commenting tool. The tool makes it easy to point to parts of the website and leave comments right where you want a change. If you do not have any comments or if all changes are approved, the project can move on to the next step.

How do I update my website after the project is complete?

We usually build in WordPress, so when your website is complete, you can easily go in and adjust things as needed via WP-admin, the administration panel for WordPress websites. It allows you to manage all aspects of your website, including content, design, users, and settings. We recommend WordPress because it is user-friendly, well-known, and easy to customize, but if you want to use another platform, it is of course possible to arrange.

When we deliver your new website, you will also receive a Website Owner´s Manual that will help you keep track of all important details about your website; including login, hosting setup, DNS records, routine maintenance, and answers to our most common questions to help you continue to be successful with your website.

What happens if I change my mind?

We understand that you may need to change your mind about whether you need our services. That is why we have a clear cancellation policy to ensure fair treatment for all of our customers.

For web design services
We offer prorated refunds for all work that has not yet been completed. This means that you will receive a portion of your money back based on how much work has been done so far. If you cancel your project after work has begun, you will only be eligible for a refund based on the work that has been completed. We will not provide any refunds for work that has already been completed.

For web maintenance services.
We have a different policy for web maintenance. Web maintenance is a recurring service, and we either perform the work or we do not. That is why we do not offer refunds for web maintenance services. However, if we are unable to complete a web maintenance project, we will refund the money that you have paid.Please let us know if you have any additional questions about this.

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