Domain registration prices

124 .eu
124 kr
172 .org
172 kr
180 .net
180 kr
252 .info
252 kr
216 .dk
216 kr
208 .biz
208 kr
360 .pro
360 kr
208 .vip New
208 kr
208 .club New
208 kr
124 .nl
124 kr
460 .tv
460 kr
304 .cc
304 kr
184 .in
184 kr
186 .name
186 kr
186 .xyz New
186 kr
141 .work New
141 kr
342 .news New
342 kr
380 .mobi
380 kr
144 .top New
144 kr
574 .tech New
574 kr
352 .win New
352 kr
152 .link New
152 kr
375 .site New
375 kr
352 .loan New
352 kr
352 .bid New
352 kr
352 .date New
352 kr
372 .eu
372 kr
516 .org
516 kr
540 .net
540 kr
756 .info
756 kr
648 .dk
648 kr
624 .biz
624 kr
1092 .online New
1 092 kr
1080 .pro
1 080 kr
624 .vip New
624 kr
624 .club New
624 kr
1722 .store New
1 722 kr
1380 .tv
1 380 kr
912 .cc
912 kr
552 .in
552 kr
558 .name
558 kr
558 .xyz New
558 kr
423 .work New
423 kr
1494 .design New
1 494 kr
1026 .news New
1 026 kr
1140 .mobi
1 140 kr
432 .top New
432 kr
1722 .tech New
1 722 kr
1056 .trade New
1 056 kr
2658 .global New
2 658 kr
1056 .win New
1 056 kr
456 .link New
456 kr
1125 .site New
1 125 kr
1158 .estate New
1 158 kr
1056 .loan New
1 056 kr
1056 .bid New
1 056 kr
1056 .date New
1 056 kr

**Domain price is for the first year of registration

What is a DNS package?

DNS package is a package designed to maintain basic control over your domain. It is a simple service which includes management the DNS zone for your domain name, unlimited parked domains (aliases), one e-mail account linked to one of your domain names with 250MB of storage space, and unlimited number of e-mail forwarders.

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Why should I transfer a domain name?

Whether you’re consolidating all of your hosted solutions to a single provider or taking advantage of Svenska Domäner’ low registration prices, we make it easy to transfer your domain name. You’ll enjoy our worldwide technology infrastructure and 27 years experience providing domain names.

There's no reason to wait to transfer to Svenska Domäner. You'll keep all of the time left on your registration, plus you get an additional year added on at the end (except .se and .nu). For example, if your domain expires on October 21, 2018, after your transfer to Svenska Domäner, it will expire on October 21, 2019.

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Why do our customers work with us?


We take care of the technical details so you can on your business. We provide phone support in Swedish and English, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our services, and take your feedback to heart. We ensure that your services work flawlessly and provide you with the guidance you need to succeed online.


We protect your personal data and prevent disruptions in your services with the very best tools the market has to offer against hacker attacks, botnets, and phishing. Our technical platform is optimized for speed, scalability, and stability, with 99.9% uptime and daily backups.


Building a professional online presence should be uncomplicated. We have made sure to include all you need in our product portfolio so you can manage everything in one place and easily upgrade as you grow. Through our unique combination of broad product range, experience and expertise we can ensure to meet your website and e-mail challenges today and in the future.

Our guarantee

At Svenska Domäner, we are committed to protecting customer privacy under applicable law, and to respecting due process. We're passionate about creating an environment that focuses on our customers. We will give you what we promise to give you. All of our products and services were designed with the customer in mind.

Our teams of experts are trained and ready to deliver top-notch support when it comes to domains, hosting, email, SSLs and everything else we offer. We strive to make our products accessible for the widest possible audience and guarantee that our pricing will always be affordable. But we'll never compromise on quality or service levels in order to keep prices low. We care about your concerns. If you have a problem or question, we guarantee that one of our service professionals will investigate and respond you in a meaningful way. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to renew my domain name for a longer period?

If you want to renew your domain for a longer period (more than 3 years), you need to contact our support team by email and provide the domain name and registration period.

Why should I register my domain with you?

We have over 30 years experience in the web hosting and domain management market and are a accredited registrar with IIS, with rights to sell .SE and .NU domains without any intermediaries. We also offer lots of other TLDs and services such as web hosting, e-mail and SSL at a really good price point. We want you to be able focus on your own business with true peace of mind. It’s what drives us to offer the best and most secure services on the market, exceptional service and a broad product line. No matter the size of your business or organization and during your whole growth journey you can have all the services you need, all in one place.

What can I do with a domain name?

A purchase of a domain name gives you the exclusive rights to use that exact domain name. In order to create your website, you first need a domain name so that visitors end up on the correct page when they type in your domain name in their browsers. It is also possible to register a domain name without any hosting linked to your domain. This is often done by customers who are starting projects a later date and are not yet ready to get going with a web hosting package.