How to add social buttons in SitePro?

  1. Open the site that you want to customize trough Site builder.
  2. Find the icon for Social (4-th icon from right to left on the second row).
  3. When you hover the Social icon you'll see all available options for social integration. Select which one you want to put on your site and drag and drop it on the position you want.
  4. Every Social integration has its own settings like size, precise position, visibility - only on the current page, on all pages, or on a specific page. To see the settings panel you have to press on "Properties" button either by clicking on pencil icon (-top right corner of the box you want to edit) or right-click with the mouse on the box.

Check out the video for a better visualization of Social integration:

You can see more detailed description of every Social option below

Facebook fans - Like box
Facebook like boxIt's a widget with options to display your Facebook page fans, posts, cover photo and so on. You should put your Facebook page's URL in the field "Profile URL (required)" in tab General.

Facebook like or recommend button
Facebook like buttonIt'll display a button with or without a counter of all page likes on Facebook. Put your page/site URL in the field "URL to like". Choose layout style (standard, count button, count box), verb (like or recommend), color scheme (light or dark depending on your background) and whether to display faces of people who liked your page or not.

Share optionsIt's an widget that gives you the option to display all social buttons in one box. You can choose icons size and which social networks to show. Available options are: Facebook (just icon with logo), Twitter (just icon with logo), E-mail (send link as e-mail), Google (just icon with logo), Print, More (AddThis option to share in more social networks), Facebook like (native Facebook button with count), Tweet button (native Twitter button), Google plus (native G+ button), and Addthis share (option that collects all of the previous). We recommend using just some of the available options:
- first 6 will display similar square icons;
- next 3 will display native social buttons;
- last one will display all of the above in one button.

VK - ВКонтакте widget
VK widgetIt's a widget with options to display your VK page's members, news or just name. You should put your VK page's URL in the field "ID for Page or Group" in tab General. Choose layout and colors (optional).

VK - ВКонтакте button
VK buttonIt'll display a button.
You can specify a layout, verb (like or this is interesting) and height.

Twitter widget
Twitter widgetIt's a widget with options to display your Tweets. You should put your Twitter widget ID. Select number of tweets to display, theme (light or dark), and available options (hide header, hide footer, hide scrollbar, no borders, transparent background). Additional tab "Colors" to customize border and link colors.

OK - Одноклассниках widget
OK widgetIt's a widget with options to display your profile from OK.
You should put your Group ID.

OK - Одноклассниках button
OK buttonIt'll display a button. You should specify your page's URL in the field "URL to Like (required)". Other customizable options are: size, style (oval, rounded, straight), counter position (none, right, top) and text (none, class, share, like).

Flickr widget
Flickr widgetIt's a widget with options to display your Flickr gallery. You should put Flickr gallery or set URL.

Google Plus button
Google Plus buttonIt'll display a button. You should specify size (small, medium, standard, tall) and annotation position (inline, bubble, none).

Google Plus badge
Google Plus buttonIt'll display a badge of your G+ page. You should specify your Google Plus ID. Other customizable options are badge type, layout, theme, cover photo (whether or not to display it) and tag line.

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