What happens with my domain/service when I cancel my subscription?

After a complete cancellation, your service is terminated, all future payments are cancelled and your data is deleted.

Once you cancel your domain, it is released and no longer managed by Svenska Domäner. The domain is then back on the market for anyone to purchase through a number of different registrars including Svenska Domäner.

Cancellation options

Cancellation i.e. permanently closing subscriptions of domains and service, can be done at different points, at due date or immediately.

Cancellation at due date

If we receive a cancellation at due date, the domain or service will simply not be renewed and any upcoming invoices will be cancelled. During the period between a cancellation request and the due date, the subscription will be in the state Pending Cancellation, which can be revoked free of charge.

The domain will continue working as before until its due date when:

  • it will go into a Cancelled state once it is expired. It can be redeemed within the first 3 months.
  • or it will be automatically inactivated if the subscription period is shorter than one year and your domain has not yet expired. We no longer provide domain subscriptions shorter than 1 year but still support any existing short-term subscriptions.

The service will continue working as before until its due date when:

  • it will be terminated and it's status changed to Cancelled if is connected to Cheap domain or not connected to any domain at all. In this case, it can be redeemed up till 30 days later.
  • or it will be downgraded to free Domain Account while preserving DNS and forwarding functionality and data if it is connected with Premium domain. Further handling of Domain Account is bound to the lifecycle of the connected domain.

Immediate cancellation

If we receive a request for an immediate cancellation in due time, your domain/service will be inactivated immediately and can be redeemed up till 3 months later for domain and 30 days for service.

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