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What methods of payment do you accept?

We support two payment types, credit/debit card, and Faktura. Both payment types are used in a way so that they don't require customer interaction once they are properly configured. Both payment types are configured globally on customer account level, however, you can choose what payment type each individual subscription will use. That mean for example that you can choose what subscription you are going to pay with payment card but you cannot configure multiple payment cards for multiple subscriptions, but only one.

Credit/debit card

This payment type is based on standard payment cards. The system is handling credit/debit cards in a way to reduce interaction with customers. Note that enrolled card reference can be removed at any point from the system which blocks the system from using it later. In combination with safe crediting turned off, this workflow allows one to gain full control over the renewal of subscriptions based on this payment type.
When payment card is registered and there is an outstanding invoice to be paid with this payment method then system will try to pay that invoice automatically 10 days before invoice due date. As long as payment of invoice is unsuccessful, most likely due to insuficient funds on the card, system will continue trying every day and for every unsuccessfull try it will send "Payment failed notification". If safe crediting is turned on then 3 days before due date it will convert invoice payment type to Faktura (paper invoice). Otherwise it will try until invoice is cleaned up either by cancellation or inactivation of subscriptions.

Faktura (paper invoice)

This payment type is based on paper invoice, credit approval, and delayed payment.
Issuing paper invoice at Svenska Domäner assumes
- certain credit allowance since the subscription is renewed when a paper invoice is issued not when it's paid
- delayed payment with 10 or 30 days
This means that Faktura (paper invoice) issued by Svenska Domäner is obligatory to pay.

Even though we employ reminder letters in case of late payments in order to further reduce risks connected with payments we disallow it in certain cases and also keep Faktura (paper invoice) send out address up to date. When the customer is finally approved, Faktura (paper invoice), as well as all subsequent reminder letters are sent to the customer by post. Faktura payment comes with a fee of 45 kr incl. tax. This payment type is also used as backup payment in case customer chooses safe crediting which ensures renewal of subscription even if credit/debit card is not working.
When there is an outstanding invoice to be paid with this payment method then faktura (paper invoice) will be sent 25 - 20 days before due date. Otherwise if customer is not approved for having faktura (paper invoice), both invoice and subscription payment type will be changed to credit/debit card.

Changing payment type

Under certain conditions system will automatically change the payment type of an invoice (activation of safe crediting) but payment type of the subscription will still remain the same.
It is also possible to change the payment type of an invoice under specific conditions using My Pages but subscription payment type will remain the same.

If the customer is not allowed for having credit and delayed payment, back office can change payment from Faktura to Credit/debit card for all subscriptions on customer's account with such setup. Finally, the customer can request a change of payment type for individual/all subscriptions on his account and that request requires to contact us via phone, email or ticket.

What payment type should I use?

If flexibility is required then Faktura (paper invoice) is more convenient payment type since it allows delayed payment. It also makes it more convenient for companies to receive it than to print it. But it comes with an additional fee. While payment card type doesn't allow for that payment flexibility it benefits from that you don't have to pay additional faktura fee while using it.

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