How can I disable automatic renewal of my subscription?

The subscription model is built in a way to simplify management through automated renewal and there is no straightforward way to disable it.

However, the following workflow gives equivalent behavior of the system as if automatic renewal is disabled.

  1. Order subscription with payment type credit/debit card
  2. After subscription has been ordered go to My Pages and remove credit/debit card reference from the system
  3. Go to My Pages and disable safe crediting feature
  4. During a period of 25 days before due date system will be sending inactivation notification emails.
  5. The system will not be able to automatically renew subscription so it is up to the user to decide if renewal invoice is going to be paid or not.
  6. If renewal invoice is paid, credit/debit card reference must be explicitly removed from My Pages again.

Note that system will generate group invoice in case several items are due on the same date. If there is a need to renew only a part of all items on the invoice, support must be contacted to provide renewal invoice with desired items.

Above workflow is not possible if subscription payment type is Faktura. In the former case, automatic renewal is not possible to disable. In that case, subscription payment type has to be changed to credit/debit card.

Note that it is not possible to combine subscriptions with automatic renewal and explicit renewal. Once you remove credit/debit card reference from the system and disable the safe crediting feature, the system will not be able to renew other subscriptions automatically as well. In that case, all subscriptions on the account have to be explicitly renewed by the user.

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