Why can´t I pay with Invoice?

We do not allow invoice payment in the following cases:

Foreign resident

We generally don't send invoices outside of Sweden. If you are not a Swedish customer you will not see the invoice option when ordering.

Part of our invoice authorization routine includes checking customer address. If you have a Swedish company with a registered address outside of Sweden, the invoice option will not be available.

Private customer

Invoice payment is only available for private customers a subscription period of 1 year or more.

If you are a private customer ordering a subscription on monthly basis, invoice payment will not be available. This is to avoid common problems associated with frequent, small payment amounts.

Payment remarks

Before we issue any invoice, we perform a credit check on all company customers. Customers with payment remarks will not be authorized invoice payment.

For private customers, we generally don't perform credit checks, only in special cases, e.g. the amount on the invoice is really high. In that case, we can reject invoice payment e.g. if the customer doesn't have a registered income.

Note that according to the contract we are allowed to perform credit checks.

Payment history at Svenska Domäner

Before we issue any invoice, we check any existing payment history at Svenska Domäner.

If you have received reminder letters in the past or if you previously had unpaid invoices, we may reject further invoice payments.

Trial periods

We only accept card payments for activation of Trial-services, for new customers. In these cases we do not charge the card since we offer 30-day free trials. The card registration is just a way of verifying that you are not a robot.

What does "blocked" mean?

This means that we will change payment type on all your existing subscriptions to card.

You will not be able to order any new subscriptions using invoice as payment type or changing payment type of an invoice to invoice. Safe crediting will be and you will only be able to pay using card.

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