How to deal with SpamExperts Quarantine Reports?

Our business-oriented packages - Email PRO and Business, include an extended spam filtration solution from SpamExperts.

SpamExperts allows to protect your account from both incoming and outgoing spam, so you can enjoy great email delivery as well as a spam and virus free inbox!

One of the benefits of SpamExperts is that the suspicious emails are stored in the Spam Quarantine.

A quarantine report with all suspicious emails will be automatically generated once a week and delivered to your inbox.

Here is an example of SpamExperts Protection Report.

Users can easily manage the emails and mark them as legitimate or suspicious by using the links in the last column of the table.

Here are all available options:

* Release option will release the email from the quarantine and it will only deliver it to the necessary recipient.

* Release and Train option will deliver the email to the recipient and train it as not spam in SpamExperts system.

* Whitelist Sender and Release option will deliver the email to the intended recipient and automatically add sender's email address to Sender Whitelist.

* Blacklist Sender and Remove option will delete the email and automatically add sender's email address to Sender Blacklist.

Depending on these actions SpamExpert will be trained automatically which messages are legitimate and will release similar ones in the future.

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