What address will my invoices be sent to?

When sending invoices we use the address data from your customer profile, under Default recipient or Custom recipient.

Default recipient

The default recipient is generated from the address you submitted when creating a customer profile. Note that if you change Default recipient (during a customer data update) this will also affect where your invoice is sent.

Custom recipient

A custom recipient can be used if you would like to receive invoices to a different address than the one you are registered at or was submitted when you signed up, e.g. your office address or your accountant’s address.

Automatic update when a change of address is detected

During invoice approvals we also check for any public changes in registered addresses, e.g. if you have reported a move to Skatteverket. If we detect an address change, we make an update so that invoices are sent to the new address. If you have chosen a custom recipient, it will not be changed, even if we detect an address change, since this can be an address separate from your registered place of residence.

Change of address on already issued invoices are subject to fees

The invoice information e.g. the address can be changed even after an invoice has been issued, but not paid. This requires additional processing, crediting of existing invoice and issuance of a new one, therefore we debit an administrative fee for all changes on issued invoices.

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