Why have I received a letter from Svenska Domäner Hosting AB?

Below is a list of possible letters that you could have received from us.


If you don't recognize the contents of the invoice or you haven't ordered anything from Svenska Domäner, please report abuse of identity to the Police. Once you have made the report contact us via phone, email or ticket and we will do what we can to help.

If an invoice is not paid before its due date, you will receive a reminder one week after the due date with an additional fee of 60kr or 200kr depending on if you are private person or company. Read more about the differences below.

Paper invoices come with a fee of 45 kr, to avoid it, switch to PDF invoice, to receive invoices by email or pay with card.

Private persons

The following applies to private persons, registered with a personal number.

Reminder ”Påminnelse”

The reminder is sent one week after the due date of your invoice if you haven’t paid your invoice, with an additional fee of 60kr.

Debt collection demand ”Inkasso”

If the reminder isn’t paid before it’s due date, you will receive a debt collection demand one week after this due date, with an additional fee of 180kr.

This is the last reminder for private persons and if it is not paid before the due date, your case will be sent to Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden).


The following applies to companies, registered with an organization number.

Reminder 1 ”Påminnelse”

This letter is sent by Svenska Domäner one week after the due date of original invoice because you haven't paid Invoice that is obligatory to pay.

Reminder 2 ”Påminnelse”

If given invoice is not paid until the due date, you will receive Påminnelse 2 one week after the due date of Påminnelse 1 that comes with an additional fee of 250kr.

This is the last reminder for company customers and if given invoice is not paid before the due date, your case will be sent to Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden).

Payment information

A paper invoice is paid by bank transfer, “Bankgiro”. Once we send an invoice in paper form it is no longer possible to pay it directly by card, from your customer account/Billing.

When paying, use the reference number from the invoice and bank account (bankgiro) specified on the invoice.

Note that it might take one to three working days before your payment gets registered at Svenska Domäner.

It is possible to check payment status and related information of that invoice following instructions bellow:

  1. Navigate to invoice's main page using reference number from received paper invoice.
  2. View payment status or other information such as due date or registered payment transactions on invoice main page.

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