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How to change ownership of a domain name?

Change of domain ownership was cost free for all domains until November 2016.

With Premium domains this administrative service is still cost-free, where for Cheap domain transfer is charged according to this pricelist.

  1. Before a transfer of ownership is concluded at Svenska Domäner Stockholm all outstanding invoices related to this domain must be paid by current owner.
  2. In order to change ownership of a domain name to another person/company you need to use the form found here:
    Download transfer form.
  3. Note that the form must be signed by both parties and that an ID document of both parties must be attached to the letter.
  4. Send the original signed paper by post to the following address:
    Svenska Domäner Stockholm
    Armaturvägen 3 C
    136 50 Haninge
  5. Alternatively, you can send scanned signed paper by email to
  6. If a transferred domain is a Cheap domain, then Svenska Domäner Stockholm will create an invoice according to the pricelist for up to 5 domains and notify the current owner about pending payment.
  7. After invoice have been paid, transfer of owner will be completed.
  8. If a transferred domain is Premium domain, then ownership change will take place after receiving correctly filled transfer form.

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