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How to update my customer information and registered domain information (Whois)?

In order to update your registered domain's information or just simply to update your customer information at Svenska Domäner Stockholm to be used for further registrations follow the instructions below:

Change of domain whois was cost free for all domains registered at Svenska Domäner Stockholm until November 2016.

With Premium domains this administrative service is still cost-free, where for Cheap domain update of whois is charged according to this price list.

    1. To update your customer information, you will need to fill in the form which you can find here:
      Download update form
    2. Note that the form must be signed by the owner.
    3. Send the original signed paper by post to the following address:
      Svenska Domäner Stockholm
      Armaturvägen 3 C
      136 50 Haninge
    4. Alternatively, you can send scanned signed paper by email to or by fax to 08-57033955.
    5. If received update customer information form is correct, Svenska Domäner Stockholm will create an invoice according to the price list for up to 5 Cheap domains and notify the current owner about pending payment by email. If updated customer information also includes email address, see additional considerations
    6. After invoice have been paid, the update of whois will be completed.
    7. If all registered domains are Premium domains, then customer information change will take place after receiving correctly filled update form.

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