Why my email is not working?

There could be many reasons that an email address does not work. Please check below some of the most common reasons and how to fix them. If none of the following applies to your problem, please contact the support department by opening a support ticket in the Customer center or email support@svenskadomaner.se.

Service or the domain are not renewed and are disabled

Check how to pay your invoices here. Once the payment is completed, the service will be activated immediately.

Mail bounce back to the sender

Check if your space on the server is full.

How to do this?
  1. Navigate to service's main page (service that you use for this email)
  2. Scroll down to Control Panel section and press "cPanel" button.
  3. Scroll down to Email section and press "Email Accounts" button.
  4. List of all your emails is presented under Email Accounts section.
    If list of your emails is huge (> 10) then in order to find email:
    • Enter exact email address in search field above the list.
    • Use page links at the bottom of the list to go to the next 10 results.
    • Change number in Page Size filter in the right corner above the list. This number limits the results you see on one page.
  5. Once you have identified the desired email in the list check the "Usage/Quota/%" column for that email row. If the bar is red, you need to log into the webmail and clear some space by deleting all emails that does not need to be saved on the server. Note that you also need to empty the "Trash" folder to clear the space.

My e-mail programs can not retrieve e-mail from the server and I can not log into the webmail

If you have tried to log in to the server with false information many times your IP address has been blocked for security reasons in the server's firewall.

To remove a blockage, you need to contact our support department by opening a support ticket or send an email to support@svenskadomaner.se.

Send your ticket/email with subject IP blocking and send your IP address to the support department.

Click on the following link to obtain your IP number https://www.svenskadomaner.se/ip

Senders receive a message that my email address does not exist

If you have recently pointed out your domain to another provider's name servers, your connection to the service of the Swedish Domains could be disabled. Contact the administrator of the new name servers to set the following MX record:

yourdomain IN MX mail.svenskadomaner.se  10

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