How do I register a new card for recurring payments?

In order to update your existing card or add a new one please follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your Svenska Domäner account.
  2. From the left side select “Billing”.
  3. Press "Add card" for new or "Change card" if you already have registered a card.
  4. Add your card details.
    • Complete card number;
    • Card expiration month and year;
    • Card control digits - The control digits (also called Control Verification Code or CVC) are usually found on the back of the payment card.
  5. Press "Register card" button.

Svenska Domaner is accepting only authenticated card registrations. Therefore card registration involves formal transaction of 1kr towards your bank that will be immediately returned back.

This is because of cardholder autenticity validation (3D secure) procedure that cannot be done unless some formal transaction is executed. This way we ensure that only genuine cardholder can register card for subsequent payments.

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