How to navigate to domain’s main page?

Follow steps bellow to navigate domain's main page:

  1. Login to your Svenska Domäner account.
  2. From the left side select “My domains”
  3. List of domains is presented.
    If list of your domains is huge (> 10) then in order to find domain
    • enter domain name in the filter box above the list and press filter button in order to constrain the list to desired domain name or
    • use page links at the bottom of the list to go to the next 10 results
    • If you still cannot find your domain then domain might have been cancelled (expired or transferred away) and default state filter is filtering out such domains. In order to view those domains, you have to select canceled state in the state filter from the top right corner of the list.
  4. Once you have identified desired domain in the list press "View" button in the right most column for that domain row.
  5. Domain's main page is presented

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