What happens after my order?

The first step in a delivery model is ordering of a service/domain. During ordering customer have to select payment type and subscription period for each ordered service/domain subscription.

Completion of order payment

Sometimes it happens that credit/debit card payment doesn't go through when completing the order. It could be due to technical issues with payment provider or because the customer has explicitly canceled payment in the middle or because there are not enough funds on selected credit/debit card. In that case, the customer has to follow instructions on the screen and explicitly go and pay order invoice. If the customer has decided to change payment type from credit/debit card to Faktura then if that change should be permanent (for all future invoices on that subscription) see how to change subscription payment type. Note that in this case, it is not enough to select different payment type on the order invoice.

If the customer has selected Faktura payment type, order payment will not be completed until Faktura is approved. Usually, approval is done within one business day. During that period order invoice is in status Waiting for Approval and that is the indication that Faktura approval didn't happen yet. See how to navigate to invoice through My Pages.

Processing of order will not continue until it is paid ( either by card explicitly or by approval of Faktura).

Explicit activation of subscription

When payment of order is complete service subscription requires explicit activation while domain subscription might require depending mainly on the fact if the customer previously had any active domain on the account or not.


Activation of domain/service subscription is a step that provision ordered service and/or register ordered domain. In some cases, it is automatic immediately after order in others it is performed by a back-office administration and that allows verification of ordered items before actual provisioning. This is a security routine that enables detection of fraud and other kinds of system misuse. In the case customer already have some active domains on his account, activation of domain subscription is implicit upon successful payment of the order. That policy allows for verification of customer account and authenticity of data before actual registration of domains related to this account. But once this has been confirmed (with initial check and activation of first domain) every further activation goes automatically since the customer is considered valid.

Likewise, for services, activation of domain subscription for customers that previously didn't have any active domain is not automatic after order but requires approval by back-office. That is because provisioning of services allocates system resources and if not under control can lead to excessive system usage and denial of services in some cases. After successful activation, both service and domain subscriptions go to Active state (means that domain/service is ready for use).

Note that back-office is not working during weekends and non-office hours and items that require approval can be activated up to two and a half days after ordering in case they are ordered at the beginning of the weekend.

Upon activation service/domain subscription is in Active state.

Subscription activation waiting times

  Payment method
Credit/Debit card Faktura
Domain If there is no active domain already usually within same business day otherwise immediatelly Up to one business day
Service Usually within same business day Up to one business day

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