Why my IP is blocked for email service?

More often blocking problems are due to wrong passwords and repeated failed login attempts to a mailbox.

Repeated failed login attempts usually indicate:

- A third party is attempting to brute-force attack your account.

As part of our commitment to providing a secure hosting service all failed logins to your email accounts, website or control panel will be logged and blocked by our firewall after 10 incorrect attempts.

- A device with mail client that is trying to connect with old/wrong password

One issue that can occur is when you, or another colleague, reset a mailbox password but forget to update it on a particular device that accesses your email. The device will continue trying to connect with the old password and after several failed login attempts your IP address will be blocked.

- A person who has forgotten his/her password and has manually made 10 unsuccessful login attempts in a row.

People often share one IP address in the office and when repeated unsuccessful attempts are registered, it may cause blocking of all email accounts, including the ones of your colleagues. It’s important that you don’t keep trying to connect to the mailbox with the wrong password. Doing so will cause your IP address to be blocked again and again.

How to unblock the IP?

In most cases, our system will automatically unblock the IP address within the next 30 minutes. In order to do that, you need to make sure that you have found which of the reasons above are causing the issue and try to resolve it.

How to resolve it?

Anyone who connects to the mailbox in question should stop doing so until you have updated the password for them through cPanel. Power down any computer, mobile or tablet that is attempting to connect to the mailbox.

After the password has been tested and reset you can then power up each device and update the password before attempting to connect again.

If you can’t complete these tasks or you are not really sure what is causing the issue you should reach out to support section and submit a ticket providing the following details:

- your IP address - you can check it here: https://www.svenskadomaner.se/ip
- the email account that is (or might be) causing the issue.

Our helpful staff will further assist you to quickly unblock the IP address and provide you with more information if necessary.

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