My invoices are sent to the wrong address, how do I change address?

When sending invoices we use the address data from your customer profile, under Default recipient or Custom recipient.

The default recipient is generated from the address you submitted when creating a customer profile.

A custom recipient can be used if you would like to receive invoices to a different address than the one you are registered at or was submitted when you signed up, e.g. your office address or your accountant’s address.

Change Custom recipient

You can change the custom recipient in your Account:

  1. Select Billing in the menu to the left.
  2. Under the section Invoice options, change or add an extra email address if you receive PDF invoices or change the Custom recipient if you receive paper invoices via mail.
Change Default recipient

You can change Default recipient through a customer data update. Note that this will also affect where your invoice is sent if you have chosen to receive Paper invoice to the Default recipient or a PDF invoice to the default email address.

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