The email address I have registered with you is no longer valid, how do I update it?

If you do not remember which email address you used as the contact address for your account, or if the email address is no longer active, you need to update your contact information.

Since email is also contact information connected to your customer account and to your domains at Svenska DomÄner, follow general instructions for updating contact information.

With introduction of Cheap domains, update of customer information related to domains is not cost free.

Therefore, updated email will not be propagated on a whois of your domains, until invoice with administrative fees is paid. However, if existing email address is not in use, we will temporary change email address on your account and you will be notified on new email address about that.

Email address is also your username for Login to Svenska DomÄner and after receiving temporary update notification don't forget to use new username as a login.

In order to pay invoice with administrative fees, you have to login to Svenska Domäner with new email.
If you also don't remember your password, please reset it using new email address before you attempt to login.

When you pay invoice with administrative fees, your email address will be also changed in whois of your domains.

If you don't pay administrative invoice, your email address will be reverted back to the old one after 10 days.

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