How to upgrade my service?

Service upgrade is fully automated at Svenska Domäner. However, before we dive into upgrade steps of specific service it is always good to consider what should be upgraded and what upgrade options are there.

Things that should be taken into consideration before upgrade

If you have multiple legacy services on your account consider merging them all together into one Multidomain package and gain multiple benefits.

However, the process of merging services into one could be substantially different depending on the chosen workflow. If you have one or more services (including Domain Accounts) and want to merge them into one it is always good to start from the most complex one (or the one that has most of the data) and upgrade it first and then reconnect other domains to that service (including migration of their service data).

This way you are saving time and reducing downtime for the most important and complex services you have. So if you have multiple services rethink which one is the best candidate for upgrade.

Available upgrade options

The table below represents all possible cases for upgrading from our legacy services that were available until November 2016.

Web Email Domain Account
Economy Deluxe Ultimate Business 2016 Private Business Email
To DNS package
Web Starter (1)
Professional (2)
Email Pro

The table below represents all possible cases for upgrading from our new services that are available since November 2016.

DNS package Web Email PRO
Free Site Starter Professional Business
To DNS package N/A
Web Starter (3) N/A
Professional N/A
Business N/A
Email PRO N/A

Upgrade options marked with 1, 2, 3 are not automated. You must contact support.
1 - Precondition for selected upgrade is that not more than 15 GB of space is used on the whole account and that only 1 MySQL db is used.
2 - Precondition for selected upgrade is that not more than 150 GB of space is used on the whole account.
3 - Precondition for selected upgrade is that there are no addon or parked domains on that DNS account.

Upgrade steps

  1. Navigate to service's main page
  2. Scroll down to Upgrade section.
    If service is available (active or pending termination) upgrade button is shown.
    If Upgrade button is not available, check if your service is inactivated.
    In that case, before the upgrade, you must re-activate service again.
  3. Press upgrade button and Add service dialog will open that is offering available upgrade alternatives.
  4. When choose a desired alternative and confirm, upgrade item will be added to the shopping cart.
  5. Complete and pay order.

Service is automatically upgraded after order payment and completion. You will receive an email describing how to start with features in the upgraded package.

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