How to reconnect domain with another service?

Reconnecting domain with another service means that you transfer all existing data and configuration related to that domain from existing service into another service.

Such action will produce a certain downtime on deployed services related to that domain such as DNS, mail or your website due to the migration of data. The amount of downtime will be discussed further next to each transfer option. Therefore it is important to always check if Upgrade of existing service is a better option over reconnecting because it doesn't incur any downtime.

However in many circumstances, reconnecting is a preferable option, mostly when taking economic advantage of Multidomain services.

  1. Navigate to domain's main page.
  2. Check what service domain is connected to and what is the existing role of the domain in that service.

Based on that the following options are available:

Reconnecting domain connected to Domain Account

Domain Account is dealing with DNS and mail/web redirection.

Since data set related to those services is easy to migrate, this scenario is solely customer's responsibility. Bellow is an explanation how to complete the task.

How to reconnect?
  1. Export/backup associated Domain Account service data (if there are any important).
  2. Terminate Domain Account.
  3. Connect domain to existing Multidomain service.
    It is enough to connect given domain as Parked, however, if there is a plan to utilize web services on this domain make sure that existing Multidomain service is supporting it and that this domain can be added as Addon domain to it. If not, existing Multidomain service must be Upgraded.
  4. Import the associated Domain Account's service data into Parked/Addon domain.
  5. Verify that there is no DNS configuration issue.
    Note that it might take up to one day of downtime of service related to this domain.
    Exact downtime can be further narrowed with details such as whether name server change is taking place and how much time data import is taking.

Reconnecting domain in other cases

This is a more complex scenario where other services such as e-mail and/or web are also a subject of migration. In this case, Svenska Domäner is responsible for migration of data.

Before contacting support it is always good to check if target Multidomain service supports all services (DNS, e-mail, and/or web) employed on the existing service domain is connected to. If not, an Upgrade of existing Multidomain service must take place otherwise, this Multidomain service cannot be used as a target for reconnection.

Customer is encouraged to contact support and provide information:

  1. what domain(s) should be reconnected,
  2. what are the target service(s) they should be connected to,
  3. what are domains roles in those services. If current service domain is connected to doesn't utilize web page for given domain, then target domain role can be Parked otherwise, it must be Addon.

Svenska Domäner will contact back if additional information is needed and also to notify time frame when the operation will take place. In this case, downtime can be up to one hour, depending on the amount of data.

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