How to set address invoice (paper invoice) is sent to?

When sending invoices (paper invoices) Svenska Domäner is using address data from customer profile by default.

When changing address as part of customer data update, it will affect where your invoice (paper invoice) is sent.

Different address where invoice (paper invoice) is sent from the one in the customer profile

Sometimes there is a need to have a different address where invoice (paper invoice) is sent to from the one in the customer profile.

If you need to use invoice (paper invoice) address different from that one used in customer profile you can register new address in My Account/Billing or contact us via phone, email or ticket and provide a new address.

Note that this address will be used until new one is provided.

Automatic update of invoice (paper invoice) address if not overridden

While doing invoice (paper invoice) approval we also check currently registered customer address used for sending invoice and other reminders (paper invoice) letters.

If we detect address change we will update it so that invoice is sent on correct default address.

If however, the customer has an explicitly specified address that one will not be changed when detecting address change.

Change address on issued invoice (paper invoice) is subject to fees

Information related to invoice (paper invoice) (including address) can be changed even when invoice (paper invoice) is issued but not paid yet.

However, this incurs additional processing, including crediting of existing invoice (paper invoice) and issuance of new one.

Therefore we debit additional administrative fee for all changes on invoice (paper invoice) data while being issued and not paid yet.

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