How to switch from Premium to Cheap domain name?

An existing Premium domain will automatically become Cheap domain when it becomes connected with any of services with a package from our current offer except for Domain Account.

If Premium domain payment period was monthly or quarterly it will be automatically converted to yearly. Due date of a domain, in that case, is moved ahead to match domain's expiry date.

See benefits of switching Premium domain to Cheap.

  1. Navigate to domain's main page at My Pages.
  2. Scroll down to Connected service section.
  3. Available connectivity options will be presented on the page, depending on the current configuration.

Bellow is a description and further guidance from available options:

Domain is already connected with service

There are several options in this case and the best one depends on several factors. Bellow is simple guidance based on a few key circumstances:

  • There is only one domain on my account
    The best option here is to Upgrade your existing service with the lowest matching current package.
  • There are several domains on my account
    The best option here is to Upgrade existing service to a lowest matching Multidomain service and reconnect all other domains to it.
  • There is already Multidomain service on my account
    Unless you want explicitly two different multidomain services the best option here is to Reconnect domain with existing Multidomain service.

My domain is not connected with any service

In this case, check how to connect your domain with service. Make sure you don't connect domain with Domain Account because this will not transform domain into Cheap.

Note: Keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours before domain price is changed after connecting it to service with a package from our current offers.

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